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    We are Sharon and Sean and we, are Taylor’s Croft Authentically Scottish, Authentic Scotland.
    "I’m Sharon, a Scottish lass born & raised in Scotland. Although I now live in America, I’ve such as passion & pride for my home country, Bonnie Scotland.  My aim is to bring a bit of Scotland to the Grand Valley, (and the United States) like I've known it my whole life. The foods, the sweets, the music, the clothing, etc. and even bringing you the Annual Grand Valley Highland games right here in Western Colorado."
    "I am Sean. I am a bagpiper, playing weddings and funerals and ceilidhs. I studied under Pipe Major Hugh Thackaberry. (see article below). The Taylor name is a sept of Clan Cameron whose motto is .. ”Unite”. Though born and raised in America I have always had a great affinity for all things Scottish, Including my taste in women. How blessed I am to meet this beautiful Scottish Lass and fall in love with her.
    We will provide you with all the knowledge we have when it comes to piping and making your next purchase a sound one!
    We are excited to offer you these products and hope that we can be of great service to you."
    "Aonaibh Ri Chéile” - “Let Us Unite"
    Sean and Sharon
                                                                                                                                               In loving memory of Hugh Thackaberry....
    I would like to introduce you to my great friend and Bagpipe instructor, and Sharons uncle. He was raised in Govan, Scotland, he then immigrated to America in the 1950's. He served in the Korean War as a Corporal on a half track, and was a Purple Heart recipient. Hugh learned from James McColl. Who was born in the mining village of Shotts, Scotland, in 1928. James had much direct tutelage from Pipe Major Willie Ross. Hugh also learned from Pipe Major John Massey, of the L.A.P.D pipes and drums.
    So we can see that he was taught by some of the best pipers in the world.
    I had the privilege of calling him my friend and learning bagpipes for 12 + years from Hugh. He was like a second father to me. Sadly, in mid November 2014, Hugh passed away.........on his head stone is inscribed.......

    Our Beloved Bagpiper
    Rest in Peace, Hugh